Neo-Noir | Experimental | Speculative Fiction

Writer / Director: Adam Juegos

Starring: Addison Brasil 

Cinematographer: Allen Meadows 

Format: Super 16mm 

Year: 2014

Written and directed by Adam Juegos, Gas Mask follows the emotive story of a young man played by actor Addison Brasil, who takes refuge in an abandoned home during a widespread biological attack forcing anyone who steps outside to wear a gas mask. 

The film was shot on Super 16mm film giving it a distinctive gritty feel, complimenting cinematographer Allen Meadows‘ signature single-point-lighting technique to achieve that stylized high-contrast neo-noir look. 

The challenge of the film was to tell as story completely without without diegetic (on screen) sound. The only sound the audience hears at all, is a solo violin and a mechanical droning captured at a manufacturing warehouse. 

At the time, Adam had played the violin for several years throughout his childhood, and found the instrument to be the perfect way to underscore the character’s inner emotional journey without distracting from the visual imagery.

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